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We are the Top 1 manufacturer of spare parts for auto cutter, plotter and spreader machine.

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CR2-053 Thomson Linear Bearings X - Y Axis Ces For Cutter Dcs1500 / 2500 / 3500

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CR2-053 Thomson Linear Bearings X - Y Axis Ces For Cutter Dcs1500 / 2500 / 3500

CR2-053 Thomson Linear Bearings X - Y Axis Ces For Cutter Dcs1500 / 2500 / 3500
CR2-053 Thomson Linear Bearings X - Y Axis Ces For Cutter Dcs1500 / 2500 / 3500 CR2-053 Thomson Linear Bearings X - Y Axis Ces For Cutter Dcs1500 / 2500 / 3500 CR2-053 Thomson Linear Bearings X - Y Axis Ces For Cutter Dcs1500 / 2500 / 3500 CR2-053 Thomson Linear Bearings X - Y Axis Ces For Cutter Dcs1500 / 2500 / 3500

Large Image :  CR2-053 Thomson Linear Bearings X - Y Axis Ces For Cutter Dcs1500 / 2500 / 3500 Get Best Price

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China(Mainland)
Brand Name: Favorable
Certification: ISO2000
Model Number: CR2-053
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit/Units negociate
Price: $150 – 300.00 / Unit
Packaging Details: Original packaging
Delivery Time: 5 hours
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,paypal
Supply Ability: 5000 Unit/Units per Month negociate
Detailed Product Description
Type: Thomson Bearing Linear Used For: Cutter DCS 1500 2500
Weight: 0.025 Kgs/pc More Name: BEARING,LINEAR,X-Y AXIS,CES
Supply Ability: 5000 Pcs Per Month MOQ: 1pc
Packing: Standard Packing Delivery Time: Within 4 Hours
High Light:

plotter parts


gerber plotter cutter


CR2-053 Thomson Linear Bearings X - Y Axis Ces For Cutter Dcs1500 / 2500 / 3500


Parts Specifications:




Packaging Details:

 Standard packing

Quality Guarantee:

 If quality problem, will be replace to customer immediately

About Tax:

 Can make low value on CI to avoid high tax on customer's country

CR2-053 Thomson Linear Bearings X - Y Axis Ces For Cutter Dcs1500 / 2500 / 3500 0

CR2-053 Thomson Linear Bearings X - Y Axis Ces For Cutter Dcs1500 / 2500 / 3500 1CR2-053 Thomson Linear Bearings X - Y Axis Ces For Cutter Dcs1500 / 2500 / 3500 2CR2-053 Thomson Linear Bearings X - Y Axis Ces For Cutter Dcs1500 / 2500 / 3500 3


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